FAQs About the Exterior Construction London Needs

To save you time and effort, H C & C Contracting – specializing in exterior construction in London – offers the following frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss your residential or commercial project with us, please contact our office for an appointment.

1. What is the best hard surface driveway to have?

This depends on which elements of a driveway are most important to you:

  • Long-term life span
  • Lower cost
  • Visual appeal

The cheapest of all hard surfaces, asphalt is a good value for the dollar, providing the job is done properly. The life span of asphalt is 15 to 25 years for a residential driveway with proper care and maintenance.

Concrete is approximately twice the price of asphalt, but it also provides at least twice the life span with proper care and maintenance.

Interlocking Pavers
Depending on the type of paver chosen, the cost of interlocking pavers varies considerably. The life span is similar to concrete with proper care and maintenance.

2. Why does my driveway have ruts or settlements in it?
Either the driveway was installed with a poor base, or it may have been installed too quickly after a new house was constructed and soil was still settling.

3. Is there a better time to do a driveway than another?
Anytime from April to November is the ideal time to install a driveway, providing the weather is favorable and there is no frost in the ground.

4. Why does my asphalt driveway occasionally mark so easily?
Asphalt marking on driveways usually comes with hot humid weather, which raises the surface temperature of the driveway to a point at which it can be punctured very easily. Motorcycle and bicycle kickstands, lawn chairs, ladders, etc. should all have a piece of plywood placed underneath them to distribute the weight. Try spraying the driveway down with water to cool the surface prior to parking, and avoid turning the steering wheel in a stationary position.

More Questions?

We’re happy to provide the answers to any questions you have.


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